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Working out just “what’s next” for your business is where the guides at SeaMountain can help.  Your one stop platform to knowledge and the people and companies that have it.

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People and Knowledge

You’re busy with the day job – especially so in the current pandemic.  Which means less time to think about things like what are my competitors doing right now?  What new products, services and processes should I be thinking about implementing.  Can I save money on what I am already doing?  Normal, everyday challenges, that you know you need to find time to look in to.

Which is where SeaMountain comes in.  Think of us as your trusted guide.  We just love finding out what’s really happening at the front line.  Be it in loyalty programs, ancillary and merchandising, to payment and fraud.  For the last 14 years we’ve been bringing all that information together for clients.

And, like any good guide, we can help you more quickly navigate your way to where you need to be.  From finding the right information and research.  And connecting with the people that have already solved the problem.


Where we can help

Loyalty Programs

How can you best use your loyalty program?

Ancillary Merchandising

Right offer, right time has never been more important.

Loyalty Fraud

Don't let your customer lose out to fraudsters.

Payments & Fraud

Help your customers pay the way they want to. And make sure you keep the sale!

Co-Brands & Reward Cards

A co-brand has never been more important to your program.

A few of our services

How can we help you?

Market Insights

Need help around the
airline marketplace?
Let us guide you

Business Development on Demand

We can help you
develop your business
when you need it

Industry Experts

Connect with the
people who have the

Who's Who

We know the market.
And we know who knows!

Events and Speakers

Online or real world.
We can get you the right
audience & speakers!

New Products & Services

Get your product out
and launched


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