What is significant?

Interesting question. It’s up there with what’s next.

Which is where SeaMountain comes in.

Paraphrasing from Noam Chomsky you can’t expect people to become a loyalty expert (or airline expert in payments, fraud, merchandising) by giving them access to the Harvard University library and saying “just have a look through it.”

That will give them nothing. And, the internet is the same, except magnified enormously.

The person who wins the Nobel Prize is not the person who has read the most journal articles and took the most notes. (Or been to the most conferences!) It’s the person who knew what to look for.

Cultivating that capacity to seek what’s significant, always willing to questions whether you are on the right track.

I’ve adapted this from a quote from Noam to apply to the airline and travel industries – as yet there isn’t a Nobel Prize in this area – as that’s what SeaMountain’s guides and contributors are here to help you do.

Looking through the library to find out what’s relevant. Always questioning what we think is right so that what we curate on here – and at Ai Events – helps you easily find out what is relevant, significant and to decide “what’s next”.