Avis Budget Networking | One Year On

Looking forward to 2021 and more networking in the real world!

Hard to think it is a year since we were at the Royal College of Physicians Library for our Ai Events Annual Networking event.  For the last decade it has been supported by not only the airline and travel industry but sponsored by Avis Budget.

Were you there?  Have a look to see some the pictures and see if you can see yourself or some of your friends and colleagues!

With vaccination continuing in many parts of the world, let’s hope it is not too long before we are back doing business face to face.  In the meantime, do join us for some online networking.  Contact Michael Smith by email at WhatsNext (at) SeaMountain.co.uk for what we are planning with Avis Budget later this year.  And, check out the Ai Events website for up to the minute details.  Click here to go to that site.