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Loyalty Fraud & Security Guide | Ancillary & Merchandising

Times are difficult.  As a result, having a guide to help you is key.  Michael has been helping airlines & travel companies for the last 25 years.  From his time at British Airways, growing & developing loyalty partnerships.  To Ancillary Revenue long before it became the hot topic of the day.  Over those years he’s become an expert on the industry, connecting people at Ai Events and is at the centre of a huge network of contacts spanning the globe.

Speaker | Researcher & Author

Keeping at the forefront of industry developments, Michael has been a regular speaker at conferences. From the Merchant Risk Council along with Visa and Cybersource to the Australian Loyalty Conference.  He helps guide those audiences to be able to develop practical solutions when they are back to their desks.  He recently co-authored a chapter on Loyalty Fraud in the Best Selling Book, the Complete Guide to Loyalty Programs.

Loyalty Fraud Guide

Loyalty Program Accounts can be stolen in many ways. Michael is an acknowledged expert on this topic with extensive contacts and market insights.

Event Speaker & Organiser

Let us organise your event online or in the real world! Turnkey operation from speakers and agenda. And delegates & venues.

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We're here to help. From Market Insights, to who's who. If we don't know who, then we know who will know! Just ask.

Digital and Loyalty Guide

Experience counts for a lot.  Especially front line experience.  Nicki has been there for loyalty, ecommerce and digital development.  At Accor/Sofitel Loyalty where she developed airline partnerships to Group Barriere where she brought ecommerce to a well established hotel and casino chain.  These insights are here to help guide you in our ever changing world.

Business Development Expert

Insights are always helpful.  But, they really come in to play when there is a plan behind them.  A plan that gets your well developed message in front of the right audience.  Both in the online and in the real physical world, this is a key skill that Nicki can deliver for you.

Loyalty Guru

From database marketing and optimisation, to getting your program to deliver. Nicki will know how to make your program tick - in both English and fluent French!

ECommerce Expert

Your one stop guide to getting your ecommerce strategy & delivery right. Using loyalty and market data to get your product in to the hands of your customers.

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We're here to help. From Market Insights, to who's who. If we don't know who, then we know who will know!

Co-Brand & Reward Cards Expert | Loyalty & Partnership Marketing

Madeleine’s knowledge of the airline and travel space for co-brand and reward cards is enormous.  She’s helped companies like British Airways, where she worked in partnership marketing, along with Emirates and Flybe, create and develop their programs.  And, she’s helped connect the market via Ai Event’s Co-Brand & Travel Rewards Conference to the best content and speakers at any event on this topic.

Airline & Travel Sustainability Guide

Being at that front line of developments is a key guide requirement.  But, seeing ahead is critical too.  Madeleine is now taking practical steps in helping the industry in terms of sustainability.  Currently she is studying part time as part of a Masters course on this subject.  So not only can she help you with loyalty, co-brands and all things airline but doing it a sustainable way too!

Co-Brand & Reward Cards Expert

Need a co-brand program? Want to improve your existing one? Madeleine is the market expert for airlines & travel companies.


Where do airlines, loyalty & co-brands all fit in with a sustainable future? Is this possible? Well, to help you answer that question, get in touch with a guide to help you!

Conference Chairman | Agenda Setter

Developing a conference agenda means knowing the market. If you want to share your insights, then Madeleine can guide you to reaching the widest audience possible.

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We're here to help. From Market Insights, to who's who. If we don't know who, then we know who will know!